Cat Shops For Food To Eat Just Like A Human Would

godupdates cat selecting food

What would you do if you ever witnessed a cat selecting food just as a human would? I know I would not know what to say but I know it would be a sight to see!

It was an ordinary day in a deli grocery store when the clerk's favorite customer came into the store. The clerk stood behind the meat counter ready to help the special customer chose what he would like to eat. In case you are wondering what makes this customer so special, this customer is a cat.

And apparently, it is this cat’s usual routine to come into the deli grocery store to get a piece of meat to it. This cat walks into the grocery store just like a human would and stands in line to order a meal. When it is his turn, he stood on his hind legs with his front paws pressed against the glass of the display case.

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While the cat was looking at all of the delicious meat, the clerk lifted up a few pieces to see what his loyal customer was interested in. The clerk was so patient as he lifted up a variety of meat for the cat to see. The cat looked like he was thinking long and hard about what to pick.

And the clerk knew when the cat was satisfied with a choice. The cat would tap on the glass to make a selection. Once a selection was made the clerk would give him a small piece for him to enjoy.

WATCH: Cat Selecting Food Just Like A Human

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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