Chewbacca Mom Reveals The Pain Behind Her Humor

godupdates woman shares joy of the lord by wearing chewbacca mask

Chewbacca mom Candace Payne was shopping one day and found a Chewbacca mask. Little did she know that the Chewbacca mask would be just the thing to create a platform for the joy of the Lord to be shared.

Candace did a live video of herself with the Chewbacca mask on and was having the time of her life laughing and sharing the mask with her friends online. The video went viral and she did not expect it. She was just trying to make people laugh and bring joy. And it reached more people than what she could ever imagine!

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Her life has always been centered around making people laugh. Her desire to bring joy to people comes from her relationship with the Lord, but it has not always been that way- it came from a very broken place of deep insecurity.

When she was 13 years old she had a very painful experience that created such pain and shame for her. She used being funny to try and hide the pain. But in her heart, she harbored so much pain that shaped her perception of life and of herself. She carried that pain with her into college where it got worse. She volunteered to run for homecoming queen and her peers thought it was so humorous for her to do so. They encouraged her to go along with it but all for laugh and jokes. It bothered her so much, but she still went on with it for the laughs and actually won the competition.

Candace did not feel like a winner when she was voted for homecoming queen. And once she was alone in her dorm room, the weight of the war she felt inside hit her like a ton of bricks. She began to inflict pain upon herself when he roommate saw her. When she saw what she was doing, she actually saw past Candace's pain and gave her more than what she knew she needed. Her roommate showed her the love of God that produced such a joy in Candace's heart that changed her life forever.

WATCH: Woman Uses Chewbacca Mask To Bring Joy

Credit: Facebook/The Official 700 Club

Source: Facebook/The Official 700 Club

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