Man Spends Last Days Fighting for Boy He’d Never Met & Gets His Final Wish Weeks After His Death

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Sid Bell never met Chase Howard, a 13-year-old child with muscular dystrophy. But that didn’t stop Sid from spending his final days fighting to change Chase’s life. And this inspirational story shows how much power a selfless act of kindness holds!

78-year-old Sid Bell was facing his own health battle when he came across Shellie McClain’s desperate plea on social media. But Sid was what you’d call a Good Samaritan. When he saw someone in need, he helped.

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In fact, Sid Bell’s church had a saying — “Sid did it.” And they say it’s because Sid was always getting things done.

So, when Sid found out a child with muscular dystrophy needed help getting out of foster care, he spent his final days doing all he could to reunite him with his family. And God made sure all of Sid’s efforts weren’t in vain!

Good Samaritan’s Dying Wish

Life hasn’t been easy for 13-year-old Chase Howard. He is a child with a rare and fatal type of muscular dystrophy. His mother is battling an addiction, which ended up landing Chase in foster care two years ago.

Since then, his loving aunt, Shellie McClain, has been fighting to gain custody of Chase.

“This is my baby, this is my boy. I love him,” she says.

But caring for a child with muscular dystrophy isn’t easy. And until Shellie could meet the state’s requirements, her nephew would remain in foster care.

In order to gain custody of Chase, Shellie needed a handicap accessible apartment and transportation for the boy and his wheelchair. She turned to social media to ask for help.

And that’s how her friend’s father, Sid Bell, learned of Chase’s story.

Once Sid decided to help, nothing would stop him. Though his life was drawing to a close, he was determined to get Chase and his aunt that van.

“I was shocked, and I was humbled that Sid, his last days, were focused on a child he had never met. He had never met Chase,” Shellie said.

Sid’s Work Continues

Sid succeeded in raising $2,000 for the van just through his men’s group. His daughter says that even when Sid was in the Intensive Care Unit, all he could talk about was this child with muscular dystrophy whom he’d never met.

“Anytime he saw a picture I posted, Sid would say, that’s my guy. Anybody who would listen to him at his church, he would say, we gotta get Chase a van. We have to get him a van,” Shellie said.

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Sadly, Sid Bell passed away before he could see the fruit of his hard work. But even in death, he was still crusading for Chase.

The last line of Sid’s obituary was dedicated to Chase Howard. In lieu of flowers, Sid asked his mourners to make a donation toward Chase’s van.

Shellie attended Sid’s funeral, where it touched her to hear how much Chase meant to Side, even though he and the Good Samaritan had never met.

“I did attend Sid’s funeral, and the pastor spoke about Chase,” Shellie recalled.

Dying Wish To Help Child With Muscular Dystrophy Fulfilled

A couple of weeks after Sid Bell’s death, a former coworker came across his obituary.

This coworker had recently lost his wife, Paige. He’d been holding on to her wheelchair accessible van waiting to find someone else who could use it. And the last line of Sid’s obituary made it clear this van was meant for Chase Howard!

The man donated the van to Chase’s aunt, Shellie McClain, and Sid’s church, Chapel Wood Church, covered the cost of the taxes and registration.

The van has been a true blessing. But Sid’s dedication to helping a child with muscular dystrophy he didn’t know is what really struck a chord with Shellie.

“It means that somebody else sees Chase’s worth without even knowing him. Can tell in the joy in his pictures that he’s worth it,” she said.

WATCH: Dying Man’s Last Wish To Help Child With Muscular Dystrophy

The gift puts Shellie one step closer than getting full custody of Chase. She’s focused on getting a handicap accessible apartment as the final step.

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Only God knows how many days the young man has on this earth. But having the van makes it easier for Shellie and Chase to enjoy those days.

And it’s all because of a selfless act of kindness from a complete stranger. Sid did it!

h/t: WTHR News

Featured Image: Facebook/Shellie McClain