Temporary Tattoos Of Your Child’s Information Could Help Save Your Child’s Life This Summer

Keep This Child Safety Tip Handy

Sweaty palms. A pit in the bottom of your stomach. The cold chill of panic creeping up your spine. That’s what it’s like to lose sight of your child for only a moment in public. So, imagine the nerve wracking fear that can come with taking children to a busy, crowded place. And that is exactly why the following child safety tip is going viral!

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Credit: Facebook / Clovis Police Department, California

Summer is a time when family outings are particularly common. From beaches to theme parks, many of the popular activities include masses of people. Even under the most watchful eye, children can easily become separated from their parent or grandparent in large crowds.

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But the Clovis Police Department in California has come up with a clever trick for making it easier to reunite a lost child with their caretaker. They recommend creating a temporary tattoo on the child’s wrist of the necessary information should they get lost. And the best part is that it’s easy to do!

How To Create A Temporary Tattoo At Home

First, start by writing any important information someone may need should you and your child become separated. For example, your phone number, any medical conditions your child may have, etc.

Next, use a liquid bandaid to “seal” the information onto your child’s skin. That way, if your child is lost, Good Samaritans will easily be able to get in touch with you.

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In addition to this child safety tip, the Clovis Police Department also suggests taking a picture of you child on your cell phone before heading to the event. That way, you can easily supply an up-to-date photo and description to authorities.

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Our prayer is that you’ll have a fun-filled summer, free from the terror of being separated from your child. But should it happen, our hope is this simple trick will have you quickly and safely reunited!

Be sure to share this child safety tip with everyone you know!

Another important reminder for the summer — watch out for dry drowning!

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