Nostalgic Performance Of ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve’

Christmas has come and gone and sadly that means our favorite Christmas songs are gone as well. But there is one holiday classic song that I can always count on to help ease the transition into the New Year, ‘What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?'


This jazzy classic was made famous by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald, and it always makes me feel nostalgic. And this year singer Chris Rupp is putting his spin on the crooner classic. Chris used to sing with one of our favorite a cappella groups Home Free before he headed out on his own. And now he is lending his vocal stylings to everything from classic hymns to modern pop hits. I absolutely adore this song.

Just listen to these lyrics and let Chris' performance take you back in time.

Maybe it’s much

Too early in the game

Ooh, but I thought

I’d ask you just the same

What are you doing New Year’s

New Year’s eve?


Wonder whose arms

Will hold you good and tight

When it’s exactly

Twelve o’clock that night

Welcoming in the New Year

New Year’s eve


Maybe I’m crazy to suppose

I’d ever be the one you chose

Out of the thousand invitations

You received


Ooh, but in case

I stand one little chance

Here comes

The jackpot question in advance

What are you doing New Year’s

New Year’s Eve?

WATCH: Chris’ Take On ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?’

Who is ready for the New Year now?

Credit: Chris Rupp

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