Christian Actor Mark Wahlberg Surprises Real-Life ‘Instant Family’

Christian celebrity Mark Wahlberg is known for being a tough guy on the screen. But in real life, this action star has the biggest heart. Recently, Mark filmed a movie called ‘Instant Family.' The film centers around a couple who made the decision to start their family through adoption. Originally, they imagined welcoming a baby but they end up falling in love with 3 siblings who are in desperate need of a stable home. The movie follows this unique family and their adventures as they bond.

The movie was actually inspired by the director's real-life experience and now we're meeting another family with a similar story. Recently, Paige and Daniel Zezulka found themselves Internet famous after a video of them telling their now daughter, Ivey, she was going to be adopted went viral. Since that popular video, the couple went on to adopt Ivey's two siblings making them an instant family of 5.

When talk show host Ellen Degeneres saw the video, she invited the kind-hearted couple onto her show, along with actor Mark Wahlberg. That's when Mark revealed that their story was so inspiring that he was giving them a check for $25,000. But the surprises didn't stop there. Just look at their faces when Mark also reveals that they are getting a brand new Chevrolet big enough for their whole family.

Christian Actor Mark Wahlberg Surprises Real-Life 'Instant Family'


Hopefully, this amazing family and their story will help to inspire others to foster kids in need. Ellen said it best when she said, ‘Just look at the joy that you get to experience every single day on her face.'


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