Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson On ‘Left Brain’ Losing His Hearing

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson On Left Brain Hearing Loss - Royal Wedding

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson never fails to crack folks up with her hilarious stories–especially the ones about her husband, whom she calls ‘Left Brain.’ She regularly pokes fun at the funny moments in their everyday life, and she simply couldn’t be funnier.

In this video, Jeanne shares a story about how she and Left Brain had a little miscommunication problem. He seems to think she’s started mumbling, and she believes her husband may have started losing his hearing.

One day, the two of them were enjoying some time in their home following a long spell of bad weather. Jeanne made a comment about the weather that turned into a conversation that would’ve been more suited for the Royal Wedding than their kitchen table in North Carolina.

And when Jeanne finally gets to the bottom of what went wrong during their conversation, the audience was roaring with laughter.

Jeanne’s jokes are never mean-spirited, and the funny way she draws everything out makes for the perfect delivery. Who else is laughing with me after watching this one?

WATCH: Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson Story About Left Brain’s Hearing

Credit: JeanneRobertson

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