Christian Comedian’s Hilarious Gospel Smackdown With Bible Critic

Comedian Stephen Colbert Defends God’s Word

Stephen Colbert is a famous comedian. He’s also a proudly devout Christian. So when a well-known Bible critic tried saying there are contradictions throughout the Good Word, Stephen wasn’t having it. And hearing how comedian Stephen Colbert defends God’s Word in this hilarious Gospel smackdown is seriously brilliant!

Bart Ehrman is an avid critic of the Bible. He authored the book “Jesus Interrupted.” The intention of the book is to reveal the hidden contradictions in the Bible, along with why we don’t know about them.

“Alright, I’ll bite. Why is the Bible a big fat lie, and I’m an idiot for believing it,” Stephen asked sarcastically.

Bart goes on to cite how many scholars over the years have pointed out inconsistencies in the Bible. But Stephen cites directly from the Bible, and his arguments are spot on. And when they get to the topic of the Holy Trinity. . . mercy! Stephen flat out leaves Bart speechless.

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While “The Colbert Report” is no longer on the air, this classic clip of Stephen’s hilarious smackdown never gets old!

Watch as comedian Stephen Colbert defends God’s Word against Bart’s attacks in the video below:

To Mr. Colbert, well done sir!

“If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed; because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. On their part he is blasphemed, but on your part he is glorified.” 1 Peter 4:14

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h/t: Jesus Daily