Contractor Jeremy Locke Fixes Grandma’s Roof For Free But Has to Trick Her Into Accepting It First

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Contractor Jeremy Locke wanted to bless Jeanette MacDonald with a free roof. But first, he had to come up with a clever way of tricking the grandma into accepting his act of kindness!

Contractor Jeremy Locke owns his own roofing company in Nova Scotia. And every time he drove by Jeanette MacDonald’s home, he couldn’t help but notice how badly her roof needed fixing.

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At first, Jeremy thought maybe the roof was just in the middle of a repair job. Perhaps the company repairing the roof just needed to come back and finish it.

But as time went by, the roof kept on deteriorating. And contractor Jeremy Locke knew he had to do something about it!

“I had it in my mind that if no one steps up to help this lady in our community, I’d be more than happy to,” he said.

Stubborn Grandma Stands In Way Of Act Of Kindness

When Jeremy stopped and told Jeanette he wanted to fix her roof for free, he couldn’t believe her response.

The grandma, who lives in the home with her 4 grandsons ranging from 13 to 20, flat out refused the kind-hearted contractor’s offer!

“I don’t like people doing anything for me for nothing,” she said.

Instead, Jeanette MacDonald insisted contractor Jeremy Locke wait on the grant she’d applied for with the government. She would hire and pay him with the grant money once approved.

Only, the approval never came.

It didn’t matter, though. Jeremy was never going to leave Jeanette living under a rotting roof. He already had a clever idea of how to get this roof fixed!

Contractor Jeremy Locke Is Forced To Use Trickery

While the spunky, little lady may have tried refusing, there was no way Jeremy was going to take no for an answer.

“She reminded me of my grandmother,” said the contractor, who was raised by his grandparents.

Jeremy Locke tried a different approach. He convinced Jeanette to enter a contest for a free roof.

“Businesses often run raffles and draws for free items so I told Jeanette that our company was going to have a raffle, or a draw, for a free roof,” he explained.

Jeanette agreed to take part in the raffle. What she didn’t realize was hers was the only ticket entered into this “contest”!

“Once she agreed, I told her not to worry about it — that she had already won,” contractor Jeremy Locke said.

WATCH: Contractor Blesses Grandma With New Roof

Jeremy picked up the materials and he and his crew donated their time to do $9,000 worth of repairs to the grandma’s roof.

And Jeanette MacDonald had some strong words about the man who “scammed” her into a free roof.

“A guardian angel, I’m telling you. There’s nobody out there like him,” she said.

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What a beautiful act of kindness! We should all be looking for ways to bless senior citizens in need just like contractor Jeremy Locke did. Well done, Jeremy!

h/t & Featured Image: CBC