At Academy of Country Music Awards, Dolly Parton Asks to Pray for Peace for Ukraine

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At the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards, Dolly Parton asked the room to pray for peace in the midst of what is happening in Ukraine right now.

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Dolly Parton was hosting the show and wore glittery outfit that she joked about before dedicating the show to Ukraine.

"I was walking through the hall back here coming on the stage and a disco ball just fell right on me, got shards of glass all over me. I'm just hoping nothing punctures me else I'll be sailing around this room like an inflatable doll," she said.

But then Dolly took a more serious turn to address what is going on in the world right now.

"I love to laugh, I love to joke, and we're going to have a good time tonight. But I do want us before we get started with all our fun to take a serious moment," Dolly said. "Now I don't want to be political, and this is not. I'd rather pass a kidney stone than do that. But I want us to send our love and hope to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. So why don't we just dedicate this entire show to them and pray for peace around this crazy old world?"

At Academy of Country Music Awards, Dolly Parton Prays for Ukraine

Matthew Ramsey, another artist at the show, also talked about Ukraine when he was accepting the award for Group of the Year.

"I'm so thankful that Dolly said what she said at the beginning because I was feeling a little bit strange because we're in this beautiful bubble here where every person whose name is mentioned tonight has fought for their dreams," Matthew said. "But there are people fighting for their lives right now, and it felt a little weird. So, I'm so thankful she said that."

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It is tragic to hear about the news in Ukraine and the many lives that have been lost, both civilians and soldiers, since Vladimir Putin's forces invaded the country. May we continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and their safety during this scary time.

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