Contestant Sung A Country Song For His Audition And The Judges Fought Over His Talent

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A country singer auditioned for The Voice and the judges were amazed. He was so good, that they fought hard over him.

I am loving the new block feature that is on The Voice! And the judges are having a kick out of disqualifying their rivals from being able to be picked. In this episode, Blake Shelton was the victim. And it was all because of Justin Kilgore.

For his blind audition, Justin sang the song, "Tomorrow" by Chris Young. And everyone loved it! He did such a great job and it made all of the judges turn their chairs around. The way that he represented country music really had the judges drooling over his talent, especially the two judges who are known for their country music, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

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Whenever a country singer auditions, Blake is usually the first to press his button to turn his chair around. So, one of the judges knew that Blake Shelton would want to fight for Justin to be on his team. That is when the block button came in handy.

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One of the judges blocked him from being able to get him on his team! And it was so hilarious how Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson teased Blake by spelling out the word "block". Adam was having a good time with rubbing it in his rival's face. It was so funny!

But clearly, all the judges agreed on the fact that Justin has an amazing singing voice and he was worth the fight. Kelly Clarkson, who is well known for her country style, is really adamite about Justin picking her to be his coach. You have got to see the reaction of the judge he picked to be his coach!

WATCH: Country Singer Auditioned And Wowed The Judges

Credit: Youtube/The Voice

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