After Enduring 3 Miscarriages, This Couple Received A Miracle To Make Up For It…TRIPLETS!

A lovely couple said their vows in 2008 and they looked forward to growing a family together. But for David and Stephanie Latour, that dream seemed as if it were drifting further and further away after three heartbreaking miscarriages. But now, God blessed them with a MIRACLE: triplets!

Stephanie tearfully remembered their miscarriages when she talked about the family’s new blessings, “I feel like they were all given back to us. We’ll have our hands full, but it will be worth it in the end.”

After one of her waters broke, Stephanie was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 11th. Then on Oct. 17th, doctors checked her for preeclampsia, a condition when mothers develop dangerously high blood pressure. Stephanie’s results showed that she and the babies didn’t have any more time to wait, and the triplets were born by C-section just two hours later.

David was informed right away and he was able to make it in time for the birth of his three babies. Although he wasn’t in the room for the C-section, he could hear each baby crying as they entered the world.

Stephanie and David weren’t surprised that their triplets were born prematurely, especially since it is very common for multiples. The triplets were two identical boys who look just like their Daddy and one fraternal princess. They will be in the hospital for 8 more weeks. And each day the triplets are thriving and gaining more weight.

Stephanie was sent home a few days after the babies were born, but she and her husband are at the hospital around the clock to visiting their three miracle angles.

She says that they are “doing amazing” and we can bet our bottom dollar that they are so grateful to finally be parents.

Psalm 127:4-5

Credit: Mass Live

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images