Couple With Down Syndrome’s 22 Year Marriage Proves Haters Wrong

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Usually, an engagement is cause for celebration. But when Tommy Pilling proposed to his wife, Maryanne, some people were very against the wedding. All because Tommy and Maryanne both have Down Syndrome. Critics thought the two couldn’t and shouldn’t marry because of their ‘disability.’ But after 22 years of marriage, this beautiful couple with Down Syndrome is proving all of those critics wrong!

Tommy had been dating Maryanne for 18 months when he realized she was the one. He didn’t have much money, so instead he bought a plastic ring from a vending machine.

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When Maryanne’s mom, Linda Martin, found out, she knew she had to step in. Don’t worry – she was all for the wedding. She just couldn’t stand by and let Tommy propose with a plastic ring!

Linda took Tommy to a jewelry store, where she helped him pick out and pay for an engagement ring.

“My mum has been 100 percent supportive,” Maryanne's sister, Lindi, recalled. “Anyone should have the right to marry the love of their life without prejudice or discrimination.”

When Tommy asked Maryanne to be his bride, she jumped for joy. And while the critics didn’t expect their love to last, boy were they wrong!

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Love Is All You Need

For the happy couple, it didn’t matter what the haters thought. On their big day, there were 250 friends and family there to support them. It was a beautiful wedding, and the start to a life together filled with love.

Now, 22 years later, Maryanne and Tommy are still going strong. They live in their own apartment, next to Maryanne’s mother and across the street from her sister. They live an active life, bowling, going out to dinner and a movie, visiting theme parks, and, of course, spending time with family.

Maryanne loves to chat, and Tommy loves to listen. They are each other’s best friends, and their relationship is built on respect and honesty. It just goes to show all those who doubted them that love conquers all.

"Anything is possible with love and there should be no limitations for anyone, no matter what their circumstances are," Lindi said.

WATCH: Love Story Of Couple With Down Syndrome

The family hopes that Maryanne and Tommy’s story will inspire others to view special needs differently. And as for the happy couple themselves, they have some wise words for other newlyweds.

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"Always be honest, make time for each other, and always have respect for each other."

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