Rescued Cow Sneaks Into House Every Chance He Gets, And It’s Absolutely Adorable

cow sneaks into house

Rarely ever is someone or something sneaking into your house anything except for scary. But this rescued cow sneaks into one house every chance he gets, and it's absolutely adorable.

This cow's name is Sven, and Sven had a very unique childhood. He was raised alongside six doggos, which would potentially make him a moo-doggo or moogo. Or maybe cowgo.

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Well, Sven lives on a nine acre farm and his family consists of more than just dogs. On the farm, his rescue family also houses chickens, pigeons, pigs, goats, cats, and even a parrot.

That's a busy household!

Sven's family keeps him outside because of his tendency to slip on the inside floors. His family wants to avoid the risk of potential injury for himself and the other animals.

While the family may be looking out for what they feel is Sven's best interest, he has other ideas in mind. When the opportunity arises, he does not hold back in finding a way inside.

Cow Sneaks Into House Anytime He Can

"He is incredibly intelligent and he loves treats and being brushed…He loves cuddles but they have to be on his terms," Nicole Frederick, Sven's mom, shared.

Just this past month, Nicole was outside when she realized the door wasn't closed all the way. The inevitable happened, Sven strolled on inside.

"I usually laugh if he makes it inside and just grab some treats to bribe him back outside before any damage is done"

"Cows are very food-motivated so he normally walks right out for a cookie…He did get in a few months ago and made it all the way to my bedroom and woke me up."

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Looks like Nicole might need to make a bedroom for Sven or put new locks on her door. Otherwise she might have this friendly cow sneaking into her house forever.

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Featured Image Credit: Nicole Fredericks