Viral Photo Of Hardworking Dad Asleep After He Refuses To Leave Sick Son’s Side

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When their youngest child, AJ, landed in the hospital, Andre and Amy spent every second they possibly could by their son’s side. That’s when Amy woke to find AJ’s hardworking dad asleep under his son’s hospital bed. And the photo quickly went viral online as a moving testament to a parent’s unwavering devotion!

Serious Asthma Attack

One-and-a-half-year-old AJ has been battling asthma ever since he was a baby. And when a particularly nasty attack hit, both a doctors visit and breathing treatments failed to help him breathe any better. His oxygen levels dipped so low, doctors sent the poor boy to the hospital.

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AJ in the hospital Credit: Facebook / Andre and Amy Palmer

Watching their son go through so much was agonizing for Andre and Amy Palmer. Amy stayed with AJ at the hospital, while Andre made arrangements for the care of the other two children and then headed off to work in order to make ends meet.

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Andre runs a corrugating machine for a packaging company. He’s assigned to the third shift and was due to his job at 10 pm. The family couldn’t afford for him to miss any time. So, Andre spent the night worrying about his son, checking his phone frequently for updates.

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Andre and AJ Credit: Facebook

Once the long shift finally ended, Andre headed straight to the hospital so he could check on little AJ. It had been a long night for the little boy and Amy as well. So, both were sacked out when Andre arrived in the early morning.

No Room At The Hospital

When he got to the hospital, Andre was exhausted, too. But he knew his wife needed her rest just as much. And with her sleeping soundly in the only chair in the small room, Andre didn’t have anywhere to crash.

He didn’t want to bother the staff with a request for another chair or bed. As Andre saw it, they were there to tend to the needs of his sick son. So, the devoted dad grabbed a spare pillow and lay down on the floor underneath AJ’s crib. He was careful to stay out of the way, should any of the nurses come to check on his son.

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When Amy awoke, her heart swelled at the sight of this loving dad asleep on the cold, hard tile. She knew Andre hadn’t wanted to disturb her, but still wanted to be close to his boy. She snapped a photo of the touching moment and posted it on social media, praising her hardworking husband for his dedication to his family.

Needless to say, the beautiful moment promptly went viral!

Dad Asleep Becomes A Viral Sensation

The family has received such an outpouring of support that they have started a separate Facebook page, Andre and Amy Palmer, for all of the comments, prayers and friend requests. The kindness they’ve received from strangers has meant so much to AJ’s parents. They were even blessed with a brand new mattress from Tempur Sealy to replace the 30-year-old mattress currently on their bed!

But the best news is that little AJ is back home with his family and doing well!

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Credit: Amanda J. Cain / The York Dispatch

Sadly, his chronic asthma will always be an issue. But the unexpected love, prayers and support the Palmers have received from all around the world has been a true blessing.

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“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

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