Dad Joins Dance Routine When His Toddler Gets Stage Fright

Dad Joins Dance Routine When His Toddler Gets Stage Fright

Little Bella wanted to dance in her recital, but she got a terrible case of stage fright and couldn’t stop crying. Fortunately, her quick-thinking dad knew just what to do! This hilarious and cute dad joins dance routine to stop his sweetie’s tears, and the internet’s heart collectively melted!

Dad first tried sneaking in the wings of the theater where she could see him. It was a good idea, and Bella calmed a little. But it wasn’t until her daddy started dancing right next to her that she was able to relax and enjoy herself! Not only did her daddy, Marc, a successful lawyer, risk personal embarrassment to comfort his two and a half-year-old, but he did it all while carrying Bella’s younger baby sister, Suri!

Marc shared, "At home [Bella’s] always dancing, but on Tuesday, that energy was clearly lacking – she simply wasn't having any of it. It was definitely instinctive [to jump on stage] and I really didn't even consider my actions.”

That being said, Marc was very concerned about not wanting to take away attention from the other dancers on their big day. He just wanted to support his own little girl. He didn’t need to worry though–the crowd loved it and cheered, and the video of his sweet dance routine went viral.

Now, lawyer dad Marc is often kidded when he’s in court for his job by everyone from jurors to police officers and magistrates. They’re all asking him to give a little twirl or show off some other dance moves! Marc’s been a good sport about it, and he likes that his impromptu performance at the dress rehearsal has brought people so much joy!

WATCH: Dad Joins Dance Routine When Daughter Gets Stage Fright


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