Daughter Won’t Put Phone Down So Dad Trains Dog to ‘Supervise’ As She Completes Homework

dad trains dog to supervise daughter doing homework

While most people have heard of the excuse "my dog ate my homework", it is not common to hear of a dog helping with homework! But that is the case for one daughter whose dad trained their dog to ‘supervise' her as she completes her homework since she had a tendency to be distracted by her phone.

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The family who owns this helpful dog lives in Guiyang City, China. The father, Mr. Xu, knew he had to do something when he noticed that his daughter had a hard time putting her phone down while working on her homework. He decided that he could train their family pup to take on the role of homework chaperone and keep a watchful eye on his daughter while she is studying. And from the looks of it, the dog seems to be doing a great job!

Trained Dog Learns To ‘Supervise’ Daughter While She Does Homework

Mr. Xu explains that he had been training their dog since he was just a puppy, and he is very well behaved and responsive to commands. "I pointed at the coffee table and told [the dog] to watch my daughter as she does her homework," says Mr. Xu. The dog then guards her to make sure she doesn't pick up her phone.

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What a helpful skill to have in a pet! Wouldn't it be nice to have your family dog keep you accountable when you get off task? I know I would definitely benefit from having my dog keep me more focused and disciplined!

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WATCH: Parents Train Pet Dog To ‘Supervise’ Daughter As She Does Homework