Dad With Triplets Uses Power Tool Hack To Wash Bottles & Next Thing He Knows He’s Gone Viral

dad with triplets

In this video that has gone viral for its ingeniousness, a dad with triplets uses a power tool hack to wash all the baby bottles that accumulate in his sink!

The dad's name is Aerol Peterson, and he is from Lincoln, Nebraska. He is the proud father of 7-month-old triplets Natashia, Arya, and Trae. His wife recorded the video of him washing the baby bottles with a power drill, and the video went viral on Facebook.

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"See? It works beautifully," Aerol says in the video as he cleverly finishes washing one of the bottles.

“She came home from grocery shopping and gave me this face like, ‘What are you doing?'” Peterson says of his wife during an interview with "Good Morning America". “I was already done with the dishes and [she asked me to] grab a couple more.”

Dad With Triplets Surprise Wife With Time Saving Hack

I'm sure his wife was surprised to watch him wash the bottles in such a unique way! And the thousands of people who watched the video online would have to agree that it is a time-saving way of getting that job accomplished.

"Smarter, not harder, bro," Aerol jokingly says to his wife in the video.

For his career, Peterson works in construction and has been known to use tools in unconventional ways. Good on him for thinking of clever hacks to get jobs done in a significantly less amount of time!

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This family is definitely resourceful and seems to carry a lot of joy with them as well. God bless them! And may they keep working together to raise those beautiful triplets of theirs!

WATCH: Dad With Triplets Comes Up With Hack To Clean All Those Bottles

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