Daddy Changes A Diaper And His Reaction Is Hilarious

godupdates daddy does stinky diaper change

Amos is on daddy duty while his wife, Emily is away. Everything was going great until it was time for a stinky diaper change.

Being a brand-new dad, he is not quite sure what the whole diaper changing ordeal involves. But since his wife is away, he cannot shy away from the task. He's got a job to do and no task is too much for this dad. Or so he thought.

Amos pulls out a fresh diaper before getting started with the serious part of the diaper change. Things seem to be going quite smoothly and he was not overwhelmed by the pressure. Until he took a peek into the dirty diaper to see what was ahead of him. He takes his time to prep the fresh diaper by unfolding the wings and stretching out the corners. He sort of knows what he is in for because he checked out the situation before he started.

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Now, his little boy had a very stinky diaper and I don't think dad was prepared for the load. He grabs the wipes and beings to wipe his son's bottom. And then all of a sudden, he gags. He tries to bear with the messy mayhem by singing and dancing while continuing to wipe, but that was not a big enough distraction. He literally gaged throughout the whole entire process and it was so funny.

With every wipe exchange, he gags and breaths for fresh air. That sweet little baby does not appear phased by his daddy having a sensitive nose and a weak stomach. But after a few more wipes, Amos was finally done and wrapped his baby up in the clean diaper. But hearing the hilarious pep-talk he gives himself as he works it out will crack you up! Oh mercy who else couldn’t help but laugh?

WATCH: Daddy Does A Stinky Diaper Change

Credit: Facebook/Amos Wilfer

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