Dance Group Autism With Attitude Earns Standing Ovation

Dance Group Autism With Attitude Earns Standing Ovation

The inspiring dance group Autism With Attitude bring their talents to the big stage of The Greatest Dancer. All of the members of Autism With Attitude, or AWA, are on the Autism spectrum. This incredible dance group allows these individuals to express themselves through art.

Today, Autism With Attitude is taking their dance skills to The Greatest Dancer and letting the whole world see what they can do.

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This British show follows dancers of all ages and genres as they compete for prize money and the chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. At first, the dancer is hidden behind a wall. As they start to perform, the audience is given the chance to vote on the audition. If more than 75 percent of the audience likes the dancer, the mirrored-wall will open and the dancer moves on to the next round.

One of the dancer's mothers described the group's goal. "They just want to prove to everyone that, regardless of your abilities and your capabilities, that you can achieve anything." And as soon as the music started playing, AWA showed off their hip-hop skills and easily won over the crowd. Before too long, the wall opened and this group was moving on to the next round.

After the amazing performance, judge Cheryl remarked by saying, "You came out with passion, with force, with fearlessness. And you did exactly what your mom said before. No matter your ability, no matter what's going on, if you put in hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dreams." Who else is cheering for this group too?

WATCH: Dance Group Autism With Attitude Brings Crowd To Their Feet


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