Candace Cameron Bure And Other Stars ‘Call Each Other Out’ Over Upcoming Holiday Movies

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You can't miss these cute Instagram videos as stars of upcoming holiday movies are calling each other out online to participate in a dance-off challenge of epic proportions!

Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, and other stars are getting competitive and planning some good clean fun in honor of their upcoming holiday movies.

Some of our favorite actors and actresses are getting into the holiday spirit early. As they are gearing up for the next Christmas movies they're working on, they're having a bit of fun and sharing it online. It's already sparking joy among friends and fans and perhaps a little smack-talk!

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There are three family stars in the mix of shooting Christmas films and were already in an ongoing dance-off competition. Apparently, it's been a little taxing, and Candace allegedly wanted to put an end to it. The dance-off challenge started with Danica McKellar, Andrea Barber, and Candace Cameron Bure before they pulled in others like Neal Bledsoe, Jen Lilley, Jesse Hutch, Marc Blucas, and Dan Payne too!

WATCH: Andrea Barber And Dan Payne Participate In A Dance-Off

Candace explained on her Instagram post, "For those of you who haven’t been following Great American Family’s Story, there’s kind of been a dance-off between Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe, then Jen Lilly and Jessie Hutch."

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After she was ‘challenged' by a few friends, Candace and her co-star Dan Payne feigned surrender. But in reality, it was the biggest challenge yet!

In a church surrounded by friends, they said they wanted to declare everyone winners before the entire church, along with a lead singer from the band Lady A began singing the victory song, ‘We Are the Champions.'

WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure And Marc Blucas Participate In A Dance-Off

I'd say this is one epic, fun-loving moment to declare, ‘challenge accepted.' I will be stalking their Instagram posts with a bowl of popcorn at hand, ready to watch as they ‘one up' each other in a season of joy and good fun!

"Praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe," Psalms 150:4.

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And you can find more videos from the dance-off challenge below!

First, Candace Cameron Bure and co-star Marc Blucas recreate the famous lift scene from the movie Dirty Dancing.

WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure & Marc Blucas Dirty Dancing Lift

Not to be outdone, Jen Lilley and co-star Jesse Hutch performed their own take on the Dirty Dancing lift.

WATCH: Jen Lilley & Jesse Hutch Dirty Dancing Lift

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Danica McKellar and co-star Neal Bledsoe took the dance-off in a slightly different direction by performing a musical duet.

WATCH: Danica McKellar & Neal Bledsoe Musical Response

What a joy to see these Christian celebrities having some wholesome fun as they work on upcoming holiday movies!

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