Amazing Audition From A Deaf Singing Choir

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Imagine watching a performance from a deaf singing choir. I did not think that that would be possible until after watching this amazing audition!

The judges of Irelands Got Talent was not quite ready for the contestants that were up next. It was an all-girls choir, so I am sure they were thinking that the ladies were just like any ordinary choir. But to everyone's surprise, they weren't.

This choir, called "The Deaftones" has thirteen members. But only two of the girls can actually hear. That is what makes this singing group so unique. And when they shared that fact with the judges, everyone in the room was left speechless. They are certainly one of the most unique singing groups you will ever find.

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The group was formed with the mission to show how beautifully two worlds of hearing and non-hearing can merge together through music. Each member hears and expresses music in different ways. It may have sounded like a duet, but it was really a grand performance of girls using their hands to express their voices.

For Ireland's Got Talent Audition, the two young ladies who could hear sang Ed Sheeran's song "Photograph". The eleven other members who could not hear signed the lyrics. When the music started, all of the members started swaying and bouncing on the beat, aside from the fact that they are doing sign language, you would never be able to guess who could and could not hear.

It was such a powerful performance and the judges were so moved. I am certain that they have yet to see a performance like that before. And as soon as the song was over, the girls got a standing ovation from everyone in the room. It was amazing!

WATCH: Deaf Singing Choir Wows Judges

Credit: Youtube/Ireland’s Got Talent Unofficial

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