Derek Hough Brings Hope To Those Suffering From Depression With ‘Hold On’

Everyone goes through difficult times in our lives. But sometimes, these tough times seem to drag on and consume our lives leaving us feeling lost or alone. And after particularly difficult seasons we can feel hopeless and like there is no reason left to live.

Dancer and performer, Derek Hough, knows first hand that those feelings can sadly get the best of people and they may choose to end their own life. Derek lost his uncle to suicide when he was just 15 years old and experienced the devastating effects suicide had on his family. So when he heard that a friend was struggling with depression he reached out through a song he wrote called ‘Hold On’. He didn’t think much of the song until he learned about rock musician Chester Bennington taking his own life.

Derek Hough Performs Original Song 'Hold On'

credit:, Derek Hough

He knew it was time to enter the discussion about suicide and bring awareness to prevent it from happening to others or their loved ones. Listen as he performs his powerful song ‘Hold On’ and know that there is hope and the pain will end.

Derek Hough Performs Original Song 'Hold On'

credit:, Derek Hough

Our friends may be suffering in silence and we not even know. And the more we can be willing to reach out like Derek did and the more hope we can share the more lives we can help save. If you or someone you know may be showing signs of depression or harming themselves, please reach out for help. We are never alone and life is definitely worth living.

Credit: Derek Hough

h/t: AOL

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