God Leads Desperate Mom To The Answer To Son’s Mysterious And Excruciating Pain

dillon wilford

Dillon Wilford was in so much pain that he wished he had never been born. Not even a team of experts could figure out why he was experiencing life-altering pain until God leads his desperate mom to the answer to her son's mysterious and excruciating pain.

In a Facebook video, Melanie Wilford of Manchester, England, described her son as full of life, crazy fun, and wise beyond his years. He was full of life and lived it full throttle.

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But one day in 2021, Dillon Wilford woke up with a serious ache in his leg. It grew worse until Dillon was completely bedridden and even cried out for his mom to cut off his leg or end his life. What mother ever wants to hear that?

We love our children so much that we give so much of ourselves. We give all that we have, and we would traverse to the end of the earth to make our child's life better. There's no doubt in my mind as a mother I would gladly trade places with my child if they were experiencing less than the best that I could give them–even my own life.

Mom Desperately Seeks Help For Son

Dillon's mother, Melanie, felt the same way. She was desperate to find a way to heal her son. She took him to specialist after specialist until it was discovered that Dillon Wilford had a rare condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. In fact, it's been nicknamed the "suicide disease."

But like all mothers who are desperate for answers, her prayers were answered when God led her to find a way to ease her son's pain. The only problem was the only available treatment that's been known to work was in Houston, Texas.

Our mighty God opened doors for that too. She was able to book flights from England to Texas and purchased a machine known as the VECTTOR machine. This groundbreaking device eases pain by stimulating the nerves via electro-stimulation.

God Leads Mom Of Dillon Wilford To Answer

Overnight, her prayers to save her son's life were answered as the procedure worked instantly. Not only was it an answer to her prayers, but it was an answer to Dillon's.

Dillon Wilford went from being crippled and wanting to die to being the lively, rambunctious boy she birthed. Her mama’s heart overflowed with joyous gratitude.

Praise God for providing the healing answers this precious family needed. The best part is now Dillion can get back to reaching major milestones like his first year of high school.

Isn't that so like our God? When we are seeking, knocking, pleading, and praying, he enwraps us with his comfort and directs us to the answers.

The beautiful part–he never once left their side. God knows how precious our children are to us because they are even more precious to him.

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‘Call to me, and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know,' Jeremiah 3:33.

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