Dog Brutally Stabbed 3 Times While Protecting Pregnant Woman From Attacker

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It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why a neighborhood dispute escalated in Perth, Australia so quickly. But Bullet the Bull Mastiff paid the ultimate price to keep his beloved humans safe. And the courage of the dog brutally stabbed 3 times saved a pregnant woman and her friend from a violent attack.

Daniel Leahy witnessed the whole thing. He’s grateful for the incredible rescue, but just as devastated it cost Bullet his life.

Things started out innocently enough. A neighbor came to Daniel for help. His dog had run off, and he asked if he could borrow Daniel’s dog, Chloe, to help find the missing pooch.

But later, when Daniel and his pregnant friend went to get Chloe back from the neighbor, things spiraled out of control.

Dog Brutally Stabbed 3 Times

Daniel’s pregnant friend brought along her dog, Bullet. And had she not, there could have been an even more dire outcome.

For whatever reason, when they came to get Chloe, an argument broke out. The neighbor, a 39-year-old man, came at them with two knives. Some reports even say he pushed the pregnant woman down first.

Without missing a beat, Bullet jumped into action to protect his beloved human.

"If Bullet hadn’t have instantly come at him [the neighbor], we would’ve been stabbed," Daniel said.

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The attacker stabbed Bullet in the head, shoulder, and torso before witnesses could stop him. The poor pup ran away and collapsed beneath a nearby tree as terrified screams rang out.

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Credit: 9 News Australia

"I thought he was dead because he didn’t really move, he just lay there and the blood was horrific," Daniel said.

Police showed up, and Daniel hopped into the back of one of the officer’s vehicles. He tended to Bullet in the backseat, trying his best to stop the blood pouring from the brave dog’s head.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Bullet underwent emergency surgery. The vet initially expected him to recover. Sadly, though, Bullet crossed the rainbow bridge the following day. Daniel announced the tragic news on a GoFundMe page he’d started in order to help his friend pay for the expensive operation.

The brave dog’s passing came as quite a shock, and Daniel just couldn’t believe it. While no pictures of Bullet have been released, Daniel has shared a heartbreaking photo of Chloe.

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Pictured: Daniel’s dog, Chloe Credit: GoFundMe

The poor pup misses her dear friend, Bullet, and Daniel says she hasn’t been the same since the attack.

The man accused of the attack heads to court soon and faces animal cruelty, being armed to cause fear, and breach of bail charges.

WATCH: Dog Brutally Stabbed 3 Times While Saving Owner

God certainly sent Daniel and his friend a special guardian angel in Bullet. He gave his life to save the humans he loved so dearly. Our hearts go out to them as they grieve the loss of such a loyal friend.

h/t: 7 News

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