Terrified Dog Rescued From Floodwaters Is Now Safe And Sound Thanks To Some Special Angels

dog rescued from floodwaters

A dog rescued from floodwaters by Naval officers stole hearts all over the world. And his inspiring short story is just the kind of good news we all need to hear!

Heavy rains pummeled the southern region of Mexico, giving way to some of the worst floodings the area has seen in 50 years. And trapped in all of that was a terrified golden Labrador retriever.

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Thankfully, God had placed some special angels in the dog’s path!

The poor pup clung to the railing of a house, as a boat from the Mexican Navy sailed towar him. His sad eyes begged for help and further emphasized the urgency of his situation.

As the boat neared the terrified animal, he transitioned his paws from the railing to the side of the boat. The dog rescued from floodwaters clearly knew these humans were there to help!

WATCH: Dog Rescued From Floodwaters In Mexico

The touching video quickly started circulating all over the Internet. And folks fell in love with the dog rescued from the floodwaters, as well as the heroes who saved him.

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A New Home For Rescued Pup

After no one came forward to claim the dog rescued from the floodwaters, the Mexican Navy decided they would adopt him. He is now an official member of the force! The Navy even invited the pup’s millions of followers to help name him (results were still pending at the time of writing).

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This sweet dog went from terrified and clinging on for dear life to holding a place of honor with the very heroes who saved him. And in a time and world where there is so much bad news, it’s beautiful to see such a happy ending.

All of God’s creatures are precious in His eyes. And the compassion the heroes showed to this dog rescued from the floodwaters is a great example for all of us!

WATCH: Dog Rescued From Floodwaters Joins Mexican Navy

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Featured Image: Facebook/Secretaría de Marina