Woman Returns To Find Her Dog’s Tongue Is Blue And There’s A Hilarious Story Behind It

dog's tongue is blue

After a quick run into the store, a woman comes back to her car to find that her dog's tongue is blue! But the funny mystery was soon solved by the dog's owner.

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Rhonda Meeks had to run into a store for a minute to buy a water bottle. She left her dog, Lily, in the car right in front of the store with the AC on. Since the errand was so quick, Rhonda expected to come back to her car and not see that anything had changed. But that wasn't the case! Her dog's tongue was a completely different color!

The funny sight of Lily's blue tongue made Rhonda burst into laughter. But Lily made sure to not act suspicious and pretended like everything was normal once her owner was back in the car.

Dog’s Tongue Is Blue After Sneaking A Taste Of Mom’s Icee

"When I got in the car, she didn't look at me at first," Rhonda shared. "She just looked out the window."

Once Rhonda saw Lily's blue tongue, she knew that her dog had helped herself to her blue Icee. The drink was in the front cup holder and Lily went right for it as soon as Rhonda left the car. And since Lily is a big lover of ice, it makes sense that the cold Icee drink would be tempting for her.

"She absolutely loves loves loves ice," Rhonda said. "Any time any of us goes to the refrigerator, she jumps up and runs to it."

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Rhonda wasn't upset with Lily and thought the whole thing was hilarious and adorable. And Lily got a little sweet and cold treat. A win for everyone around!

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