His Dog Wouldn’t Stop Whining And Pawing And Then He Awoke To A Big Black Cloud Of Smoke

dog saves owner from fire

One 6-year-old dog saves his owner from a fire, and the man is incredibly grateful.

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Tyler Revel is from Wichita, Kansas and has a dog named Monroe. Recently, Tyler was taking a nap while he was watching football one Sunday, and he had no idea that he would soon be in grave danger. Thankfully, Monroe stepped in to save the day!

The dog started fussing for Tyler's attention and continued to nudge his face. The reason for this reaction was because she was trying to save her owner! A fire had started in the house and the whole place started to fill up with a thick cloud of black smoke.

Thankfully, Monroe's actions got Tyler awake in time for both of them to escape to safety.

Dog Saves Owner From Fire In Kansas | Animal Short Stories

“She jumped on the bed and just instantly was like, nudging my head and whining and like, you know, like a crying kind of like a whimper,” Tyler shared. “We got out in the nick of time, man. Just really lucky. I think if she wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have made it out alive for sure.”

Tyler was barely able to see or breathe when he was woken up by Monroe, but he quickly grabbed his beloved pet and raced by the flames and out of the house. The fire destroyed the entire home, but Tyler is counting his blessing that he and Monroe made it out alive.

“I think we take a lot for granted, you know," shared Tyler. "All that stuff in there isn’t what matters. It can always be replaced. She can’t. I can’t. I’m just... it is a very humbling experience.”

Thank the Lord for this brave dog that saved the day!

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