Sneaky Dog Stealing Cookies Lets 5-Year-Old Take the Blame Until Security Cams Uncover the Truth

dog stealing cookies goes viral

A video of a dog stealing cookies from the kitchen counter has gone viral. Not only because it’s hilarious to see the cookie caper at work, but also because someone else was taking the blame for him before hidden cameras revealed the truth!

Kenny Herman and his family came to realize they had a cookie problem. Oreo cookies had started disappearing from the kitchen counter. But Kenny thought he had it all figured out.

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Kenny and his wife never suspected their dog of stealing the cookies. And that’s because they’d already blamed their 5-year-old daughter, Maddie. They felt certain she was sneaking in and helping herself to some Oreos.

And so, they hatched a plan to out their toddler cookie culprit!

“We suspected that Maddie, our 5-year-old, was stealing @Oreo’s – so we set up a @googlenest to catch her red-handed,” Kenny shared on Twitter.

Kenny and his wife set up the hidden camera in the kitchen, prepared to get some hard evidence to use against their 5-year-old crook. Only, the footage showed a different story than what they’d thought!

WATCH: Dog Stealing Cookies Gets Busted By Security Cam

Dumbfounded, the couple watched as their 2.5-year-old Goldendoodle stood on up on his hind legs and counter surfed. The dog had been stealing the cookies all along!

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Kenny couldn’t resist sharing the hilarious video footage on social media. And naturally, the 4-legged cookie culprit went viral almost immediately!

Thankfully, the Herman family Oreos are now safe, Maddie’s name is cleared, and everyone got a good laugh over the situation. Some online users worried about how Max fared after eating human cookies instead of dog biscuits. But Kenny let them know they had nothing to fear, Mas was doing just fine.

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