Dog Treads Water In Lake For An Hour 4 Miles Offshore Until Rescuers Finally Arrive

dog treads water

A family enjoying a boat outing for the day on Lake Michigan spied something out of the ordinary in the water and sprung into action. After one dog treads water for an hour, he desperately found the help he needed from this kind family!

Boating trips are always a popular summer outing with the family. Taking a lunch out, going fishing, or for a swim are some of my favorite boating activities. Unfortunately for this pup, his boating trip with his family did not go according to plan.

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One of his rescuers, Jeannie Wilcox shared how the story all started on that day on the waters of Lake Michigan.

“I see this red animal in the lake and I started screaming, ‘Dog in the water!'” Jeannie said. The dog was swimming by herself four miles from shore!

According to Jeannie, the poor pup had also been swimming for quite a while before she was spotted and brought to shore. “We brought her up on our swim platform really easily,” the woman said. “We dried her off. She was obviously scared and cold.”

Dog Treads Water For An Hour Before Being Rescued

The dog's rescuers traveled four hours to get a reading on the dog’s microchip. They finally were able to learn the dog's owner's identity and reach out to let them know their dog was safe. Jeannie got footage of the dog being reunited with her family. It was such a sweet reunion!

Luckily, the dog was able to be returned to his owners. But the rescue was quite the experience! You could see the happiness on everyone's face. “Happy Happy reunion! All dogs welcome on Off The Hook … aka water dog rescue," Jeannie shared, referencing her boat's name, ‘Off The Hook.'

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Jeannie and her family's act of kindness was definitely above and beyond. They took the better part of their day trying to care for this poor pup. “I just hope that if this was my dog, somebody would do the same for me,” Jeannie replied.

Jeannie and her family are happy that they got the dog safely reunited with her family! I'm sure that boating trip on the Lake Michigan water will be a day that none of them will soon forget. I for one am sure grateful for the Wilcox family being heroes and saving that poor pup!

WATCH: Dog Treads Water In Lake For An Hour 4 Miles

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