Stray Dog Sneaks in Dollar General for Giant Stuffed Unicorn, Now Both Have a Forever Home

dollar general north carolina giant stuffed unicorn

Apparently, it was love at first sight in a Dollar General in North Carolina between a stray dog and a giant stuffed unicorn. The determined pup kept sneaking into the store and heading straight to the same plush toy until employees had no choice but to call for help. But the dog’s persistence paid off in more ways than one, making for a positive news story that will have you saying “Aww”!

No one knows exactly what drew Sisu, a scrappy stray lab mix, to a giant stuffed unicorn inside a Dollar General in North Carolina.

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All they know is once Sisu spotted the purple plush toy, the pup became determined to get his paws on it!

Every time a customer exited the store, the stray dog slipped inside. And his target remained the same each time.

“He went straight for the unicorn, the same one every time,” recalled Joe Newburn of Duplin County Animal Services.

A Dollar General employee would gently usher the stray dog back outside each time. But it wasn’t long before they realized Sisu wasn’t going to be giving up.

“Finally, they had to lock the door and called us,” Joe explained. “It was so strange, one of the strangest calls I’ve ever dealt with.”

Dog Rescue At Dollar General In North Carolina

Samantha Lane showed up to the call. And seeing Sisu’s devotion to the giant stuffed unicorn in the Dollar General touched her heart. So, before taking the stray dog away, she gave the store $10 so she could bring the purple plush toy along, too.

Duplin County Animal Services took over caring for Sisu and his purple friend. They are guessing the dog’s affection for the stuffed unicorn may come from his past. Maybe he once lived in a home where he had a stuffed toy. Or perhaps, children lived with him and they had stuffed animals.

“I don’t know of any other reason why he would focus on the unicorn other than he had one at home,” Joe Newburn explained. “If the store had called and said he tore open dog food, that would make more sense but not hunting for a purple unicorn.”

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Whatever the case, Sisu’s persistent invasion of the Dollar General in North Carolina got him the help he needed and also earned him a new, plush friend.

The animal shelter instantly picked up on Sisu’s sweet, loving nature. They hoped someone would come forward and claim him.

“He’s obviously super smart, and even when we got him to the animal shelter, he’s been very obedient. He sits, shakes. Someone should be looking for him,” Joe said.

A Home For Stray Dog And His Purple Unicorn

No one ever did come forward to claim Sisu. But plenty of folks flooded Duplin County Animal Services with messages of concern and offers to help.

In order to prepare Sisu for adoption, the animal shelter took him to a rescue ranch, Lab Rescue LRCP, for special training. But first, they made an important stop at the Dollar General in North Carolina.

“We took him back to the Dollar General so he could see the employees there,” Joe said.

The kind angels at the rescue ranch will help get Sisu ready for his new forever home.

“A lot of strays have to fend for themselves and have had to worry that other dogs will take their food or toys, and they usually calm down once they realize they’re in a safe place,” Sterrie Weaver of Lab Rescue LRCP explained.

And of course, Sisu won’t make the trip alone. By his side remains the giant stuffed unicorn he fought so hard to “save”.

“It goes wherever he goes,” Joe says.

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Once his training is complete, Sisu will head to his loving, forever home. And his persistence in breaking into the Dollar General in North Carolina landed a happy ending for both him and the giant stuffed unicorn he loves so much!

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h/t: People

Credit: Facebook/Duplin County Animal Services