Cameras Caught Playful Dolphins Jumping Out Of The Water And They Put On Quite A Show

dolphins jumping out of water brian mcarthur

A pod of playful dolphins jumping out of the water on the beaches of Hatteras Island put on an unexpected show. And Brian McArthur felt blessed not only to witness it, but record it, too!

Brian McArthur has spent most of his life on Hatteras Island, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And being that close to the ocean means he is no stranger to the beauty of God’s creation.

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But one day, the Lord put him in the right place at the right time to witness something pretty spectacular!

God’s Beautiful Creation On Display

Like many of the Outer Banks natives, Brian McArthur does his fair share of surfing. He’d just returned to the shore after catching some waves when he looked out at the sea to spot something amazing.

Right in the waters where he had just surfed, a pod of playful dolphins started jumping out of the water!

Watching dolphins jumping out of the water is one of those rare treats you always hope for when visiting the beach. It’s not often you get to see the beautiful creatures so close to land. And certainly not this many!

The amazing show these majestic creatures put on was awesome to behold. And thankfully, Brian had his phone onhand so he could capture the incredible spectacle on camera.

He knows this sighting of dolphins jumping out of the water is a gift to witness.

"I've lived here nearly my entire life and I've never seen them do anything like that,” Brian McArthur said of the incredible experience. “I felt blessed! I was in the water surfing right where they were jumping about two minutes before the show started.”

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Don’t you just love these kinds of special sightings in nature?

WATCH: Dolphins Jumping Out Of Water Put On Amazing Show

h/t: Island Free Press