Dying Man Heartbroken To Leave His Fur-Baby Behind Asks For Help

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Unlike her name, “Rowdy” the 10-yr-old beagle is a calm, perfect housemate. Harold learned he was dying and finding his fur-baby a home became his mission.

Rowdy and her owner, Harold Godfrey, have been regulars at a local dog park for more than eight years. When Harold was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he knew that Rowdy needed a new home. They didn’t have any immediate family, so Harold called Monda Ahmed, the overseer of the dog park and a friend.

“He called me and said, Mona, I want you to take Rowdy to the shelter,” said Monda. “I told him there is no way I’m giving Rowdy to a shelter. I’m gonna find Rowdy a home and he started crying. I started crying.”

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Monda was quick to accept the challenge to help Harold find a home for Rowdy. She turned to social media in hopes that the right person would see the post. Harold gave Monda temporary custody of Rowdy while she helped search for a new “furever” home.

Harold and Rowdy’s story quickly went viral online. Their situation hits home for many who have watched friends and family suffer through the re-homing of a loved pet. Cancer sadly has touched just about every home. People love and invest into their fur-babies which made this story resinate so deeply.

Harold is well-known in the community. He was a regular at the local Pismo’s Coastal Grill. There, he met server, Taylor Therese. Harold frequently talked about his sweet dog.

“Harold’s been coming in since I’ve been working here. I know he’s come in since the day it started and he’s just so sweet and he just loves this darn dog. He takes food home to her every day,” said Therese.


Finding A Loved Fur-Baby A Home

Rowdy’s picture and story were shared on the local news as well. Taylor heard about the need for Rowdy to have a home, there was no question she wanted to help. She and her roommate were not seeking to adopt a dog. They knew this “good girl” clearly needed them and Taylor wanted to give Harold peace that his baby was going to be alright.

“I’m going to try not to get emotional but we did this because we wanted to change the last part of Harold’s life. That’s the only thing that he has is this dog and we wanted him to know she was going to a good home,” said Taylor Therese.

Everyone pitched in to help Harold have peace of mind that Rowdy would be well-cared for and loved. Pismo’s Grill owner chipped in $500 to cover the pet deposit at Taylor’s apartment complex. A regular at Pismo’s offered to pay for food for Rowdy for a year.

The outpouring of love from the community and even strangers offering to help through social media has been overwhelming. Harold no longer needed to worry about his best friend. Rowdy has a lot of love in his future!

“This really touched my heart,” said Ahmed.

Taylor took Rowdy to see Harold in hospice. She wanted him to know that his fur-baby had a loving home and would be loved. Taylor and her roommates love Rowdy and couldn’t be happier to give her the home she deserves.

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