Dying Woman Puts A Message In A Bottle Pleading For Help And It Saved Her Life

message in a bottle

With over 100,000 people in need of organ transplants, it can be very difficult or near impossible to get a viable organ to get the life-saving operation. Not to mention how costly a transplant operation can cost. But one message in a bottle was the miracle that one woman needed to get the operation that saved her life.

A kidney transplant costs just over $400,000, and many people can't afford this or even the insurance deductible. Some may ask family or set up a GoFundMe account. But when Joyce Bacon realized she needed the transplant operation in order to live, she took a much different approach. She wrote a message and put it in a bottle.

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“I wrote ‘My name is Joyce Bacon, I’m in need of a kidney transplant, can someone please help me out?’" said Joyce.

Joyce had then gotten twelve more bottles, made copies of her dying wish, then tossed them to sea. Six months had passed when a transplant nurse named Kystel Nava was told that somebody had found a bottle with a note inside.

Message In A Bottle Leads To Miracle Kidney Transplant

“I received a text message from my friend that had seen that a message in a bottle was found. So she grabbed it, pulled it out, and like all of us, she was captivated by the message and posted it on social media,” Kystel said.

Just like that, the search was on to find Joyce and to grant her wish. On July 3, 2018, her wish had finally come true. “While everyone else was celebrating the Fourth of July, I was celebrating a new kidney,” said Joyce. She then added, “It was meant to be, there is a purpose for me. There is a purpose and I believe that truly.”

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Joyce was correct, her dying wish was granted and she is able to live life without worry. Joyce's advice to others out in the world that are in need of transplants is to be creative and find a unique way to get your message out through social media.

This event was a true blessing!

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