Two Teachers Surprised With A Gift For Their School Live On TV

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Ellen DeGeneres surprised two teachers who were sitting in her studio audience. She gave them the surprise of their lives and their reaction was priceless.

In this episode, Ellen was surprising two teachers that were in her studio audience. Jeannie, Ellen's receptionist is helping with the surprise and she was in New Jersey when the cameras started rolling. And as soon as the screen showed her standing in a school with a bunch of students, Maria and Susan, the two teachers who Ellen was surprising got so emotional.

Maria and Susan teach technology, math, and English in their school. They have such a burning passion for what they do. These teachers absolutely love their jobs and their students.

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They realize that they are more than just teachers to these students. They expounded on how much the students inspire them with their manners and how kind they are. The students love their teachers just as much as their teachers love them.

Some of the children in their classrooms are underprivileged. And Susan recalls moments where she prepared breakfast for some of her students who came to school without eating a meal. So they make sure that their students do not start work while they’re hungry and go home hungry. Teaching has changed their lives and they want to do all they can to help their student succeed.

Ellen admired all that these ladies do for their students and she partnered with Walmart to help them continue what they are doing. She gave them $50,000 to help fund food and other things that the school needs. They could not be more excited!

WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Surprised Two Teachers On Her Show

Credit: Youtube/TheEllenShow

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