Emmy Russell Thanks God In Emotional Video For Caring About The ‘Little Details’

Emmy Russell thanks God in this emotional video for how He cares about the ‘little details’ in our lives.

Life is an unpredictable experience, a series of ups and downs. Unfortunately, we will also experience periods of hurt, sadness and heartache. No one will be able to leave this Earth unscathed and without feeling immense grief and pain. Sadly, that's part of being a human being.

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However, while we endure that pain and go through those dark valleys, God will remain by our side. He will provide comfort, healing and rest. He is faithful and has promised to stay by our side in our time of need.

Emmy Russell Thanks God For Caring About The “Little Details”

However, because of God's never-ending love for us, He will go above and beyond simply remaining by our side. He knows us intimately and understands each person's personality and individual needs. He even cares about the little, often overlooked things in our lives.

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In a clip posted on YouTube, Emmy Russell, granddaughter of late country music legend Loretta Lynn, praises God for caring about the "little details" in our lives.

Through tears, Emmy says that she was recently thinking back on her "Coal Miner's Daughter" performance on American Idol and experienced a vision of herself in Heaven with her grandmother.

"I feel like, I saw like, God just bring my grandma, and like, me just like, give her a deep hug, of like, ‘I miss you and I love you,'" she said.

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She said that moment and vision from God brought her a lot of healing and closure.

"I love that God cares about, like, those little details, of, like, healing and, like, having closure," Emmy said. "And I feel like I just experienced closure listening back to that song."

She added, "It's just so sweet that God cares about just every detail of our life."

Jeremiah 17:14 "Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for you are my praise."

WATCH: Emmy Russell Praises God For Caring About The ‘Little Details’ In Emotional Video

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