Woman Finds $36k in Envelopes of Money Inside Free Chair and Never Thought of Keeping It

envelopes of money

Would you ever expect to find envelopes of money inside free chairs? If you did, would you keep it or would you do the right thing?

In this incredible story, a woman's unexpected find turns into blessings upon blessings. A woman finds $36,000 in envelopes of money inside a free chair and never thought of keeping it!

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Vicky Umodu from Colton in California was in the process of setting up her new home. She was in desperate need of furniture but couldn't afford to buy anything new or used. So she decided to look on Craigslist.

She was delighted to find a lovely furniture set that was being given away for free. It looked hardly used and Vicky knew she could make a cozy home for her family with the furniture.

Vicky then contacted the owners of the free furniture and was more than blessed to have it.

Envelopes Of Money Hidden In Chair

Once she got it home, she got to work setting up the house as all mothers do. But she noticed something a little strange about one of the chairs. The cushion felt lumpy. As she inspected the cushion, she assumed what she was feeling was perhaps a hot water bottle under the cushion cover.

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But to her shock and surprise, she found dozens of envelopes full of money! Instead of keeping it, she knew right away she needed to contact the owners of the furniture set and give the money back. She didn't even bother to count it. Even though it was a struggle to make ends meet, Vicky never thought once about keeping it.

Much to her surprise, she later learned there was over $36,000 of cash. The owners of the furniture had no idea!

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In fact, they were getting rid of the furniture from a deceased loved one's home and they had no idea it was how their loved one saved money–by ratholing away $100 bucks or more here and there and hiding envelopes of money in furniture.

Vicky's humble honesty turned into a double blessing. Not only did she find free furniture, but the owners of the furniture also gave her a reward! They gave her $2,200 in cash to help her buy a new fridge that she desperately needed. And do you know what Vicky had to say about it? She simply said, her God has been kind to her! What a beautiful heart and valuable lesson she is teaching her children...and the world!

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"God has been kind to me and my children," she said. "They are all alive and well, I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask of God?”

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