Dancers From All Over The World Come Together For Irish Dance Performance That’s Mesmerizing

Irish Dance Performance

Here’s an epic Irish dance performance, featuring talented dancers from all around the world, that you won’t soon forget. No wonder it’s going viral!

Irish dance dates back to Ireland in the 17th century. It consists of several different styles of solo and group dances. Stepdance groups like Riverdance brought the beautiful synchronized dance to popularity in recent years.

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Now, this classic form of Irish dance performance is finding new life in the modern era.

Dancers From Across The Globe Come Together

Lately, we've been seeing more and more young people put their own unique spin on this style of dance. Today, a talented group of performers is making their mark with this epic routine.

The incredible Irish dance performance features dancers from Germany, China, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Brazil and the United Kingdom. As they all come together for this expertly choreographed routine, you will find yourself in awe again and again.

One viewer said, "You know what I like best? The smiles. Theirs and the one they put on my face!"

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I know it takes so much practice and dedication to perfect an Irish dance performance like this. But these Irish dancers hit every single mark. Their talent and skill comes through and you can truly appreciate the hard work they put into this production.

One viewer has enjoyed the performance so much, that it's on their daily watch list:

"This is so amazing. I watch it every day, maybe even twice a day. Thanks for sharing."

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There's no doubt that Irish dance is making its way back into popular culture and the millions of views on this video prove that we're be seeing this style for many years to come.

WATCH: Irish Dance Performance That’s Truly Captivating

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