Excited Puppy Is Surprised With A Trip To The Dog Park

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I love taking my dog on special trips. Her reaction is so cute, just like this excited puppy reacted when he found out that he was going to the dog park.

This owner is taking his puppy, Scrattie to the dog park. But it is a big surprise. Scrattie loves the dog park, so this is the perfect surprise trip for him. And he did not see it coming.

Scrattie is sitting on someone’s lap in the passenger seat of the car. He is looking out the window and does not suspect a thing. He has no idea about where they are going yet. But he is already anticipating the view.

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But then they pulled up in the parking lot of the dog park. Scrattie recognized where they were right away. And he got really excited. The adorable puppy just could not contain himself. He started barking and cheering. He was at his favorite place!

Scrattie could not keep still and wanted to get out to play as soon as he could! He jumped right in his owner’s lap and gave him a bunch of "thank you" kisses. Scrattie is so excited and could not wait for the car to stop so that he can go play. He was so happy.

WATCH: Excited Puppy Is Surprised With A Dog Park Visit

Credit: Rumble/bigatts1

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