Man Watches In Awe As Family Of Moose Spends The Day Using His Backyard As Their Playground

family of moose

While many people have been confined to their homes recently because of COVID-19, simpler forms of entertainment may have peaked people's interests. Like looking out their windows! That's just what happened for one man when he saw a family of moose outside of his home!

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Roland Rydstom is from Anchorage, Alaska. He was working from home when he looked outside and saw a family of moose making camp in his yard. There was one adult moose and two baby calves. The moose family was resting outside next to Roland's flowerpots.

"The view outside my Covid home office is better than yours today," Roland joked on the post he shared on Facebook. "They arrived a bit before 9 am. Except for two quick trips around the neighborhood, they've been camped out here all day."

Little Family Of Moose Find Peace In Man’s Backyard

Such an adorable sight! But the family of moose did get a little rambunctious and knocked over one of Roland's flowerpots. "We did rebuild," he joked on Facebook. "After the moose left the yard, I was able to return to the scene of the crime to return the marigold pot to its rightful place."

The photos of the moose family that Roland shared on Facebook went viral. But for Roland, a moose sighting in his area is pretty common. "It's very, very common to see moose in our backyard as it is on the normal ‘loop' for the moose who hang out in our neighborhood," he shared.

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Well even if it is a regular sight for him, I'm sure it was enjoyable for Roland to enjoy these magnificent creatures from such a short distance!


h/t: We Love Animals