Little Girl Is Inseparable From Her Fat Pet Frog And This Unlikely Friendship Is A Must-See

fat pet frog

In Panama City, Florida, there is a little girl who is simply inseparable from her fat pet frog, and their unlikely friendship is a must-see connection!

Most parents, at some point in time, deal with their children and teens asking for pets. Dogs and cats are by far the most commonly requested friends.

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Others that sometimes make the wish lists are hamsters and gerbils, which are pretty much the same thing. Right? Rabbits and birds are available for adoption, and less popular asks include snakes, large spiders, and geckos.

Well, 2-year-old Juliana Allon fell in love with an entirely other species. While visiting a pet store in August 2022, store employees allowed Juliana to pick up and hold a white tree frog. Juliana fell in love with the squishy, sticky little creature! She begged Mom Brandie to let her have the frog, and Brandie just couldn't say "no."

Unlikely Friendship Is Born

Juliana named her fat pet frog George, and Juliana and George are in love! The two eat breakfast and watch TV together, George planted firmly on Juliana's shoulder. Juliana takes George on walks through the house as he sits in her stroller. And, George has even accompanied Juliana on a road trip to her grandmother's house!

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Brandie's household also includes a dog and a cat, but they make sure to keep George safe in his own heat-lamp-equipped cage in Juliana's room. He enjoys plenty of worms and wakes to a pretty princess greeting him each morning!

George's variety of frog comes from Australia and New Zealand. But he couldn't be more at home than he is with Miss Juliana! White tree frogs turn brown when they are stressed or feel threatened, but George is a beautiful green and turquoise when in the care of Juliana!

A Girl And Her Fat Pet Frog

Brandie has had to set some ground rules for Juliana and George, given the fact that white tree frogs can carry salmonella. There can be no kissing between the two-hugs are allowed. That might mean that George won't be transforming into a perfect prince for Juliana, but the sweet toddler wouldn't trade her friend fat pet frog for one anyway!

Whatever concerns Brandie might have had, she's been amazed at the bond between daughter and frog, saying "I never thought we would get a frog, but if you find an old soul like George, I'd definitely recommend getting a pet frog. He's just a happy little fellow."

Awe, the love of a girl and her fat pet frog!

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"So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird-each producing offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:21

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