Father And Daughter Beautifully Sing Gospel Song ‘Lord I Want To Go To Heaven’

Lord I Want To Go To Heaven

A father and daughter sing the classic gospel song ‘Lord I Want To Go To Heaven’ together while rocking in their rocking chairs. What a heartwarming sight to see!

Angie Sutherland absolutely adores her father. But sadly, her daddy is battling stage 4 cancer. Though there is pain and sadness, Angie and her dad know that they can always lean on God during these tough times. Just listen as they sit on the porch and belt out the lyrics to this iconic hymn.

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"Lord, oh Lord, I wanna go to Heaven

Hell is an awful, awful place

In the book the promise was given

I was saved by amazing grace"

Father And Daughter Sing ‘Lord I Want To Go To Heaven’ During Cancer Journey

Before the song starts, Angie's dad thanks the many people that have been praying for his health along the way. He goes on to say that he knows God is in control and all the messages of hope and faith have been received. Together, Angie and her dad sing ‘Lord I Want To Go To Heaven' and it's truly beautiful to watch.

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Angie used this platform to share her dad's battle and the power of Jesus. "Daddy is in much need of prayer. I watch his frail little body as he carries his guitar out to the porch to sing these songs, and I realize how blessed I am to be able to have this sweet precious man sitting by my side. I cherish every day. We know that we serve a mighty God. We love and appreciate you all and God bless each and every one of you." We will all continue to pray for this family as they face a difficult battle.

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