FedEx Driver Turns Up on Doorstep to Bless the Little Boy She Couldn’t Get Out of Her Head

FedEx driver

One compassionate FedEx driver blessed a young boy and his family when she bought him a new basketball hoop and set it up for the family when they weren't home.

Aubrey Robinson is a FedEx driver who has made regular delivery stops in a rural neighborhood in Indiana. During her stops there, she would see an 11-year-old boy, Elijah Maines, playing basketball with an old and rusty bent hoop.

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“It was crazy to me how happy he was with the bent up, broken hoop. Every time I saw him, he was so joyful playing basketball. Seeing him so happy stuck with me,” said Aubrey.

The FedEx driver thought about Elijah many times over the months. And decided that she wanted to bless him in a special way. “I just wouldn’t stop thinking about it, I really wanted to get him a hoop. I was like, ‘Is that weird?’ But then I just said, you know what, he deserves it, I’m getting him a hoop.”

Aubrey went out a bought a new basketball and hoop and installed the hoop when the family wasn't home. She left a note with her surprise that read: “Just wanted you and your son to have the best hoop that’ll grow with him and all his friends.” She signed it from “just one of the FedEx drivers in the area.”

FedEx Driver Surprises Little Boy With Brand New Basketball Hoop

“I read the note, and the moment I realized who it was from, I just immediately started to cry,” said Coledo Wheeler, Elijah's mom. “When Elijah came home and I showed it to him, he got really emotional. He got teary-eyed but he’s an 11-year-old boy, so he really didn’t want to admit he was crying,” laughed Coledo. “He just sat there for 10 minutes staring at the ball until it really touched him that she went out of her way to do something just for him.”

Aubrey had no idea how much her surprise gift had impacted Elijah and his family. They all had gone through a difficult year with four family member's deaths, Coledo's boyfriend suffering a serious injury, and Coledo wrecking her car. Aubrey gift to their family “changed their lives,” said Coledo.

Not long after receiving the gift, Elijah was out there playing with his new hoop and ball. He had been playing with that same old, bent hoop for nine years. So it was amazing for him to have this new hoop to shoot balls at.

His mother shared that Elijah never missed a day of playing basketball. Even if that meant waking up early to play before the school bus arrived.

“I can’t describe how much I love basketball,” Elijah shared. “When I saw she got me a new hoop, I was shocked, just totally shocked. My head was racing. It was crazy she randomly did it for me when she could have done it to anyone else.”

When Aubrey made another FedEx delivery to their neighborhood, Elijah and his family made sure to thank her for the amazing gift.

Family Is Overjoyed With Surprise Gift From FedEx Driver

“I heard knocking and when I opened the door and it was her, I just couldn’t help but hug her, and Elijah saw her and ran to her and hugged her too,” Coledo shared. “It’s just been a hard year. We’re so humbled and grateful she would do this for us. This has been a huge, huge thing for our family.”

Elijah also gave Aubrey a card he made for her. And he invited her to play a game of basketball with him and his younger brother. The three of them played together for nearly an hour before Aubrey had to get back to work.

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“It was almost like we’d always known each other. I really bonded with the boys, they were so excited to play with me and were begging me not to leave by the end of it,” said Aubrey. “I’m just really happy they know that there’s someone out there who’s there for them, someone who has their back.”

What an incredible story of kindness and compassion from this caring FedEx driver!

I’m really not sure where to begin. Dan and I came home from working. I didn’t even see a new basketball hoop for Elijah…

Posted by Coledo Cleo Wheeler on Sunday, November 8, 2020


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