Security Camera Catches FedEx Driver’s Act Of Kindness For Widow

fedex driver shoveled porch for widow

Soon after Leigh Anne Skoda lost her husband to cancer, a security camera caught something unexpected taking place on the doorstep of her Nebraska home. The footage revealed a FedEx driver shoveled her porch out of the kindness of his heart. And the good deed meant so much to this grieving mom-of-three!

Nowadays, lots of homes have doorbell cameras. Mostly, it’s for security. Homeowners can see who is at their door, even when no one is home. The cameras have even helped catch thieves stealing packages from the doorstep.

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But what Leigh Anne Skoda’s doorbell camera caught wasn’t a delivery man up to no good. Quite the opposite! She caught an act of kindness that helped shine a light during a very dark time in her life.

Delivery Man Vows To Help Widow

After a 7-month battle with cancer, Leigh Anne Skoda’s husband passed away at the age of 42. And now it was up to Leigh to care for their three kids on her own.

Her plight came to the attention of FedEx driver Brian Scholl.

Leigh was trying to put air in her tires one day and was struggling to get the cap off. Living in a small town, Brian was often in the area making deliveries. His truck was nearby as Leigh struggled with her tire cap and so she asked for his help.

As the two chatted, Brian discovered Leigh was newly widowed. And with three young kids to raise, he offered to help Leigh any way he could.

But this was no hollow offer. Brian wasn’t simply saying the “nice” thing at the appropriate time. He meant it.

And one day, Brian showed up at Leigh’s doorstep. He didn’t ring the doorbell. Nor did he have a package to deliver. Brian was there to secretly (or so he thought) make good on his offer to help in any way he could!

WATCH: FedEx Driver Shoveled Porch For Widowed Mom-Of-3

It wasn’t the first time the FedEx driver shoveled the porch for Leigh. But this time, the security camera hidden in the doorbell caught Brian’s good deed on film. And when Leigh saw the video, she said “it warmed my heart and I just had to share it!”

FedEx Driver’s Good Deed Goes Viral

FedEx driver Brian Scholl didn’t set out to become a hero. In fact, if not for Leigh’s security camera, the world may never have known about his kind deeds.

But thankfully, the doorbell camera caught this special angel in the act!

Something as simple as shoveling snow from the porch and sidewalk may not seem like a big deal. But to Leigh, it meant the world. As she pointed out in her Facebook post, kindness matters.

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In tough times, it’s important to look for the light. And that’s exactly the purpose God gave Brian’s act of kindness.

“I truly feel like we cross paths with people for reasons,” Leigh Anne Skoda wrote on Facebook.

Leigh was in the midst of a dark time. While grieving the loss of her husband, she was also caring for three young children and trying to tackle the hassle of day-to-day tasks. Brian’s compassion showed her she’s not alone.

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“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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