First America’s Got Talent Winner Bianca Ryan Returns To Stage After Devastating Injury

Bianca Ryan Returns to America's Got Talent Stage

The very first America's Got Talent winner, Bianca Ryan returns to the stage with an emotional song. Get ready for all the chills!

Bianca Ryan was just eleven years old when she was crowned the winner of the popular singing competition in 2006. She dazzled the judges with her Broadway-style voice and received praises week after week.

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When the show was over, she started to tour and record more music. But when she noticed that her voice wasn't the same, she decided to see a doctor.

That's when she received the devastating news that one of her vocal cords was paralyzed.

Bianca's doctor told her that she needed surgery and that there was a chance she would never be able to sing again. The young talent was forced to put her musical career on hold and she felt like her fans started to forget about her. Bianca feared that all of her dreams were ending.

Contestant Fights Back After Devastating Vocal Injury

Now, this 24-year-old is back and she's ready to make her comeback on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

"I'm the first winner of America's Got Talent. I lived 12 years in shadows and I'm ready to see the light again."

As she stepped on the darkened stage, Bianca beautifully belted out ‘Say Something' from A Great Big World. Just a few notes into the song and I understood exactly why this shining star was crowned a winner years ago.

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Bianca earned a standing ovation from her performance and she's definitely going to be a serious contender in this competition. What an inspiring story of triumph and perseverance.

WATCH: Bianca Ryan Returns to America’s Got Talent