Lady Went To Get A Fish Pedicure For The First Time And Her Reaction Was Hilarious

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This lady went to get a fish pedicure and her reaction was hilarious. She went with her husband and her daughter, who got he reaction all on video.

It was Jacquie's first time getting a luxurious fish pedicure and she was not expecting it to tickle her this much. Her daughter, Jennifer, had this treatment done herself and had finally convinced her mom to try it out for her skin condition. For this spa treatment, Garra Ruffa, or Doctor Fish are used to nibble away at the infected skin. It seems to be a relaxing experience. If you are calm that is.

But Jacquie had no idea what to expect. And she was a little nervous about the unexpected. And as soon as she sat down on the comfy chair and dunked her feet into the water filled with fish, she started to go into a frenzy. The fish did not waste any time to surround her feet.

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They quickly swam over to her toes and began to nibble away. It caused the most hilarious reaction out of Jacquie. She screamed in anxiety but then she began to laugh when she realized that she had nothing to worry about.

The treatment did not hurt at all. It actually tickled her. The whole salon joined in and laughed with her. Jacquie could not stop laughing and squealing.

Dozens of fish were swimming over her toes and their nibbles tickled so much. She did not expect it to tickle this much and tears began to flow down her face from her laugh so hard. And she did say that even though she was laughing so much, she was able to calm down and eventually enjoy her soothing pedicure.

WATCH: Lady So Tickled During Fish Pedicure

Credit: Rumble/Caters_News

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