Dancers With Down Syndrome From Flick Flock Danza Just Blew Everyone Away And I’m Losing It

Flick Flock Danza Spain's Got Talent

The members of Flick Flock Danza are incredibly talented dancers with Down Syndrome. And when they showcased their skills on Spain's Got Talent, the inspiring routine proved there is no limit to what this group can do!

The Got Talent franchise is a worldwide phenomenon. With talent competitions in almost every country, we now have the opportunity to meet so many gifted acts and individuals.

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Spain's Got Talent started in 2016. And as it entered into its fifth season, the performers are truly on the next level.

No one was expecting to tear up with Flick Flock Danza walked out onto the stage. But the amazing dancers left everyone in awe!

Dancers With Down Syndrome Defy All Expectations

This group prides itself on being inclusive. The ensemble includes dancers with mental disabilities, physical disabilities and other challenges that some might look down on.

Flick Flock Danza set out to show that everyone can achieve their dreams, but they did so much more that that during their audition.

Before the performance had even started, there were tears flowing from the dancers and judges. It is such an incredible opportunity for these young dancers. And now, they have the chance to inspire so many others around the world.

But when they actually started to dance, everyone was completely blown away!

Their emotional routine featured so many difficult skills and lifts. But every single dancer pulled it off with ease. And it was so amazing to watch.

The incredible performance received a standing ovation from the crowd. And it comes as no surprise that Flick Flock Danza was voted through to the next round.

This audition just proves once again that there is no limit except for those that you set for yourself. What an inspiring group!

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WATCH: Flick Flock Danza Wows On Spain’s Got Talent

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