Grandma Was A Flower Girl At Brides Wedding And It Was Precious

godupdates flower girl grandma

It is Keely's wedding day! Even though she is the bride, she did not mind sharing her spotlight with her flower girl grandma.

The now, Mrs. Crimando has a very close relationship with her grandma, Dorothy. Her grandma is her best friend. They share plenty of memories from Childhood to even helping her find the perfect wedding gown. So, she just had to have her part of her wedding in a special way. Making her a flower girl was just the thing! It was so adorable!

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Keely was inspired to make her grandma part of the wedding as a flower girl when she saw that other brides had done the same. She had three other little girls as flower girls who came in right behind her grandma. They looked completely adorable as the wore butterfly wings and carried wands. Because Grandma Dorothy has to be in a wheelchair, Keely's aunt, Flissa, was also an honorary flower girl and pushed her in her wheelchair down the aisle.

godupdates flower girl grandma

Credit: People

Grandma Dorothy looked so precious. She had on wings, and a flower crown to match the rest of the flower girls. Her hair and nails were done perfectly, and she was dressed to the nines in a gold, lace dress.

Everything was so perfect! Everyone ooh and aahed over grandma coming down the aisle, waving her special flower girl wand. Keely says that it was a fairytale dream come true.

WATCH: Flower Girl Grandma Walk Down The Aisle

Credit: Inside Edition

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