Contestant Auditioned For American Idol After Having A Music Teacher Who Believed In Him

godupdates former shy foster child auditioned

Former shy foster child auditioned for American Idol and his audition was amazing. You would not believe how confident he was!

Johnny White had a very difficult childhood. His mom battled with drugs and his dad was in prison for almost 10 years. He was in a shelter for two years and ended up going into foster care at 7-years-old.

When he was finally adopted into an extremely loving family, he still felt alone. It was difficult for him to adjust to people he did not meet before. He felt as though no one showed that they believed in him. But then he met his music teacher, Ms. Finley who encouraged him to get lost in his music.

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She taught him how to be confident in himself. She saw how special Johnny was and she encouraged him to grow in his talent. Music became his therapy. Ms. Finley says that music turned him into a completely different person. And that led him to be able to audition for American Idol.

He sang "This Is A Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown for his audition. And he sang it with so much self-assurance and strength. He gave his audition his best shot and the judges were wowed by how strong he delivered!

They asked him to sing another song to see how well he can control himself. They were so inspired by him and his voice. All of the judges saw him as "top ten material". So, it was an easy "yes" from all of the judges. And his music teacher was right there to congratulate him. She came into the room to give him a huge hug. He is going to go far in this competition!

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Credit: Youtube/American Idol

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