Anthem Lights Performs An Amazing MercyMe Medley

godupdates four famous musicians

Four famous musicians formed the perfect MercyMe Medley in this video and it is a jaw-dropping rendition. You have got to hear it!

Anthem Lights is at it again with another amazing mashup! This time they tackled three powerful songs by MercyMe. They combined the three songs, "I Can Only Imagine", "Word Of God Speaks", and "Even If". And their mashup was so incredible! I absolutely loved this flawless rendition.

Ironically, these are three of my favorite worship songs from MercyMe, so I played this mashup over and over. It is amazing how they sing the verses and chorus of the song in perfect harmony. My favorite part was when they transitioned into "Word Of God Speaks" from the chorus of "I Can Only Imagine". That was so creative!

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Not only are these guys talented, but they fear the Lord. And it is encouraging to see how these musicians always make sure to dedicate a song cover to the Lord. This mashup will really make you want to pause, close your eyes, and lift your hands up in worship to the Lord. You are going to love this rendition just as much as I did! I can't wait to see what these guys will do next!

WATCH: Four Famous Musicians Sing MercyMe Medley

Credit: Youtube/Anthem Lights

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